Our Methodology- The Difference

Understanding & Research

 Thorough Understanding of Client, its business, structure, products/services & way they are produced/delivered, its culture & strengths/positives that can be used as selling points.
Understanding the requirement, key result areas, key attributes desired, reporting & salary structure.
Researching more about company, its competitors, products/services/ process/ key technical terms involved etc followed by mapping the best possible potential fitted candidates for the position.


Search Sources & Methodologies

 After mapping we develop a search plan to provide you just the best person from the total pool available anywhere in the country/ abroad. We will use all sources simultaneously lest we leave any good potential candidate.
 Headhunting > Own Database > Portals > Social Networking > Referrals


Identifying “WINNERS”

 Once we have identified and sourced few good profiles we match them for their fitment with the position and role. We interview them to assess their fitment, their competencies, previous track record, achievements, attitude, motivation and finally if they are “WINNERS” who will justify the position, role and KRAs. In the process we will do reference checks of best identified people.


Quality, Quantity & Speed

 Our Winning Mantra with all our clients is best quality, tapping all sources simultaneously to deliver any quantity (Volumes), delivered in shortest span of time (we deliver by the time our competitors make search plans)