Why Join Us

  • Mukul Consultants India Pvt. Ltd., though a 33 years old business organization, has never kept profits or revenues as its primary objective. It is a unique organization which focuses on the following:

  • Excellence– We as an organization try to excel in each of the assignments we receive from our clients. We always try to be the #1 performer for all clients at all times.
  • Strategy- We develop & implement our own unique strategies and methodologies in our recruitment efforts rather than imitating others.
  • Diverse exposure- With our experience, expertise and strong client base, we get and provide opportunities to work on top/senior management positions, emerging technologies, niche technologies, critical positions and mega walk-in drives providing vast learning exposure to each of our team members.
  • We create strong bonding between the team members by way of regular get togethers, Birthday parties, discussions & excursion trips.
  •  We provide increments every 9 months to every employee besides regular monthly & quarterly incentive.
  •  All our Managers and Leads have been there in our company for over 6 to 15 years due to the high performing yet balanced work-life culture that we provide.
  •  We have the state-of-the-art infrastructure with all latest tools, gadgets & facilities.