IT Executive Search

  • With over three decades of expertise and successful track record, we help Companies find the best talent for their most Crucial Positions -- the One’s who write the success story of the Company. We recruit Board Members/ CEOs/ CTOs/ CFOs/ CIOs/ Country Heads/ Directors/ Vice Presidents/ General Managers & Senior Advisors/Consultants across all verticals, functions & domains. We serve all Companies starting from enthusiastic Start-Ups to Fortune 500 & Global IT Leaders. We, not only, serve all locations in India but also help companies recruit Leadership positions for offices across the globe.

Few Differentiators :

  •  In depth research & analysis to understand the company, its business, its strengths & competitors beside key requisites of the position, before starting the search.
  •  Strong industry mapping to identify availability and location of best talent.
  •  Devise plan & strategy to impress upon the prospective candidates to get them interested and apply for the position.
  •  Strong Headhunting team & capabilities.
  •  Fast turnaround to bring on table the best possible talent in just 3 to 7 days of time.
  •  Closed numerous senior leadership, critical, complex, non-doable and hard to hire positions with ease in hundreds of instances.

Some recent searches at Top/ Senior management level:

  1.    CEO
  2.    CTO
  3.    Country Head
  4.    CFO
  5.    HR Director
  6.    Director IT
  7.    VP Sales
  8.    Pre Sales Head Network
  9.    Solution Architects
  10.    Enterprise Architects
  11.    Data Architects
  12.    Cloud Native Architects
  13.    VP- Data Networks
  1.    Security Architects
  2.    Assoc. Director-SAP Basis
  3.    DevOps Architects
  4.    SAP Delivery Head
  5.    BI practice Head
  6.    VP Salesforce
  7.    VP Saphana
  8.    Embedded Practice Head
  9.    Program Director
  10. Service Delivery Head
  11.    VP Dynamic 365
  12.    Adobe Magento Head
  13.    Azure Capability Head